5 Essentials For A Healthy Home Office

Laptop Screen At Eye Level
This is a healthy, ergonomic home office and desk set up.

Whether you work from home or not, having a home office is a must-have for a professional with big goals.

In this short read, I tell you about my favorite home office essentials, including the exact products of my home office pictured below.

A Healthy Home Office
My Home Office

Let’s get started.

A Sit Stand Desk

Mainstays Sit Stand Desk With Shelving 91.91

The ability to sit or stand at your desk is ideal. With the amount of technology we use these days, our necks and backs are far more at risk of misalignment than ever before.

You CAN have a healthy home office and I suggest you first start with a sit stand desk that promotes better posture and work/life balance.

My sit stand desk was created by Mainstays, a brand exclusive to Walmart, and is the only one of its kind. It is both beautiful and functional.

I ordered mine online here and had it delivered right to my door.

I ordered the light wood model.

I have experience building furniture, so building it was a breeze and I’m still shocked by its sturdiness.

It’s just large enough not to be “college furniture”, yet isn’t bulky.

I am very happy with this purchase. It was worth every penny. When I purchased it, I paid around $130; but when I published this post, Google showed the item at $91.91.

Mount-It Laptop Riser 26.99

A Laptop Riser

You’re not done making your home office ergonomic! If you’re working from a laptop (which is super convenient), you’ll need to bring that screen to eye-level to keep your neck in proper alignment!

The solution is a laptop riser and I’m happy with the one I purchased.

It looks as though my laptop is floating, which I love.

This is the exact model I purchased by Mount-It.

The height is as much as you’d get with any other riser and it is a bit low still- whether I sit or stand, so I have made it even taller using this unremarkable gray yoga block.

Logitech Wireless Mouse & Keyboard 14.99

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

To prevent your shoulders from rising to bring your arms to your laptop keyboard, you’ll need a wireless keyboard & mouse.

I’d probably recommend any Logitech product, but this duo was on sale for just 14.99 with free shipping, so I couldn’t pass it up.

It even arrived within just a few days of placing the order! I think it was fulfilled locally by Best Buy.

Prior to this product, I had a Bluetooth wireless mouse that used a USB port to connect. This wireless keyboard and mouse use only one USB port, which I needed so I could use my other ports for things like my printer or a jump drive.

I’m happy with the product. It’s lightweight, and quiet and comfortable enough.

A Work Lamp

I live in an apartment where you rely on natural light or lamp light, so when I work at night, I’m happy I’ve got this sleek lamp by Ikea.

It plugs into a wall and then has a toggle switch that lies just above the shelf of my desk.

It’s just what I need.

Unfortunately, when I visited IKEA’s site, my exact lamp seemed to no longer be available. I still recommend IKEA for their selection, pricing, and quality of lighting.

English Ivy? Surround yourself with things that make you feel good!

A Houseplant And Natural Elements

My desk has a lucky money tree on it and I have to say that just the sight of it makes me feel relaxed and healthy.

Houseplants are also known to cleanse the air surrounding it.

I have the biggest crystals I’ve accumulated on display around the desk. A large Selenite wand, a big piece of pink Himalayan salt, and a piece of Citrine- well-known for its prosperity attraction.

For less than $200 I was able to make myself a motivating work space and you can too!

If you liked these healthy home office product suggestions, you might also like my blog post about Shine 2: The Best Fitness Tracker Device For Beginners. What I like about this fitness tracker is its design and ease of use, but in relation to a healthy home office, I love that it vibrates every now and again to remind me to move around while I’m working on the computer!

I highly recommend this affordable addition to your sales lifestyle!

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