9 Ways To Personalize Your Pitch

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A golden rule for selling a product or offering a service to your audience through pitching is with personalization, or making your pitch more personal so that you “make it stick” better.

It’s likely your pitch revolves around a target audience and includes prospects that directly address the problems they have (as CEOs, small business owners, and other executive management professionals).

One key is often missed. That is correctly diagnosing the problem in the first place.

In this article, you will learn how to correctly diagnose your client’s problem, personalize your pitch accordingly, and get the reaction you want from them in the first 60 seconds, the most crucial time.

1. Make Pitch Goals That Services The Client’s Needs, Too

You should know your goal or objection prior to making your pitch. If your goal is only to make the sale, your pitch will lack inspiration. It is indispensable to have a few goals that resonate with your product, your target, and most importantly, the solution your product or your service is going to offer. Be authentic and reliable. Otherwise, your pitch is only going to reflect the idea that you are just about the profit.

2. Make A Powerful Statement & Speak Their Language

Why is it that it only takes a minute for some to grab attention from their audience and others bore their audience to tears? It is because some realize the importance of addressing the “what’s in it for me?” question right at the start of the pitch. You need to have the answer to that question and you need to convey this message first and foremost.

Know your ideal client’s interest, their pain points, and the types of personalities you’d be working with. What do they ultimately want? And then, what do they need to make the purchase comfortably? Feeling empowered and knowledgable enough to make the decision with confidence.

On pain points: This is one of the most fundamental techniques to personalize your pitch. If you do not research and then highlight these critical points, chances are your audience won’t feel as understood and you’ll miss the opportunity.

Having done thorough research on common problems first, introduce them and then gradually go more specific on the topic. At this point is a excellent time to talk about why your solution is a good investment, including ROI, supportive data, and case studies.

Dazzle ‘Em

3. Dazzle ‘Em

To dazzle them, you will need to catch their attention after you’ve made your powerful solution-minded statement. For this, keep in mind that sometimes it doesn’t even matter what you are selling but how you sell it.

4. Be Relatable (But Not In A Fake Or Too Strong Of A Way)

A friendly, approachable, and trustworthy reputation is vital to being relatable. The essence of this strategy is to ‘familiarize.’ According to psychologists, you are more likely to impress people when you synchronize with their perspective. Radiate energy through your pitch to get a positive atmosphere and build up your friendly vibe gradually and steadily to boost your performance and gain your audience’s trust. This way, you will be able to build a sustainable and long-term relationship with your potential clients or early customers.

5. Literally, Make It Personal

Most often, a pitch becomes so generic that it loses its charm. Especially while selling a product, you need to hit the audience by individualization. Consider how you can modify your usual pitch to make this one seemed designed for this prospect.

Don’t Forget To Sell Them On YOU!

6. Sell Yourself, As Well As Your Product

Selling yourself is an art that many fail to ace. Some don’t consider it at all if they are selling a product. But a large part of the conversion, is giving your client your added support or endorsement. Many products are purchased simply out of adoration for the salesperson, so don’t forget the power of integrity and success management beyond the close.

7. Give Them Something To Play With

Involving your audience in your pitch will give them something to remember. Moreover, with multiple senses involved, you will be able to get the attention and positivity you require to gain confidence. It is mutually beneficial and multiplies by every second. The resulting energy will be perfect to win the pitch. Time management and proper distribution are a few things that you will have to consider while adopting this approach.

8. Get Their Feedback And Participation, Answer Questions, and Offer To Personalize Your Solution To Them On The Spot

One sales tactic often used is called ‘Assuming The Sale’. One way to do this effectively, but not in an aggressive manner is to begin a conversation about how the product might work for them today. Ask them if they have any questions and take time to answer them thoroughly. Then, paint the picture of how you see the product or service working for them and ask for their feedback. Now is a good time to talk about clients who’ve succeeded with your solution as well.

Be Human

9. Finish With Grace

A successful pitch and long-lasting impression is dependant on your finishing it with grace. Many salespeople tend to overdo the sales part and lose the human part. This makes it seem self-absorbed and limited to just an opportunity to sell their product.

What you can do is make a statement that shows your connection with the audience isn’t just limited to the pitch. It is up to you to select a path that helps them to contact you after your pitch. The more helpful you appear to be, the more willing are people going to be to come to you for the products or services you are offering. Give a positive message at the end that empowers them and makes them feel like they have control over their problem.

A genuine and honest approach with the right blend of psychological and business knowledge is profound and beneficial in building an impressive personalized pitch.

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