Shine 2: Best Fitness Tracker Device For Beginners

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Photo By Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia - Misfit FLASH Fitness & Sleep Monitor, CC BY 2.0,
Me Wearing My Shine 2

Any professional needs to take care of their bodies to maintain a productive and healthy work/life balanced lifestyle. A fit tracker is a good investment for someone looking to begin healthier habits and put an end to poor ones. Fit trackers all seem to have the same capabilities when you look at their specs; however, reviews tell a different story and with this article, I want to share with you why I believe I found the best fit tracker for me in the Shine 2 device.

Versatile and Modern Design

First, I want to point out the obvious: the design of this fit tracker is cool as hell. If you want to be more discreet about your fit tracker, this device can present itself as just a really cool watch. When you double tap on its face, it will display (according to your settings) a light show of meaning. Mine first shows how close to my movement goal I am (by how many red lights in the circle light up), and then shows me (give or take up to 5 minutes) the time. The time is displayed with a solid green light where the hour is and then a blinking blue light for where the minute is (to the nearest 5-minute mark). It sounds complicated, but once you get the hang of reading it, you will love it!

Functions and Connected App

On an Android or Apple, you can download the Misfit App that connects your device to your phone. From it, you can make your settings how you want. There, I have set up my watch to wake me at 6:00 AM. The subtle vibration on my wrist allows me to gently wake up before my actual (sun lamp) alarm clock (rises like the sun and wakes you visually). Since I work from home, this is an excellent way to wake up, but I’m not sure it would be strong enough to wake me reliably for a job I’d have to leave my house for. I also use the app to check out how much I slept, and how much of those hours were deep, restorative sleep. This is one of my favorite features because I like to make sure I get my hours in and will arrange my schedule to do so.

Optimal Battery Choice

Many fit trackers have to be plugged in and charged, but not Misfit’s Shine 2. This fit tracking device relies on a button battery that has a very long life. This feature also makes it more like a watch, which I am a fan of because I collect fun, modern watches. Among those are my favorite, Swatch Watch Skins watches that are so thin you feel like you’re not wearing one.

This button battery powered fit tracking watch will have a longer life because it will not have a male and female part constantly joining that will eventually break. It will survive much like a reliable, button battery operated watch!

Sturdy/Water Resistant

I like to know I’ve purchased a medium to high-quality device that will last, that I will not need to be too gentle with. Misfit’s Shine 2 has this quality about it with the button battery, but also because it is water resistant (50m). This means I can do dishes without taking too much caution. I don’t swim with or shower with it, though you probably could.

More Features Included

More You Should Know…

Different Misfit Models & Packaging

Because I was so impressed with my Shine 2 model, I looked into other Shine models and discovered that the original Shine was often complained about for being inaccurate and that alone deterred me from purchasing some great deals I saw on Ebay for the gorgeous looking Swarovski crystal model (it could have made a nice watch though!). I did notice that Shine 2 was sold with different bands since one design was a big flop and responsible for a lot of bad reviews. Please look for reviews about the band when you make your purchase. One article wrote about it saying “it’s the nicest fit tracker you’ll ever lose”, indicating that the technology was amazing, but the band was such a poor design that the device fell out many a time.

I read several reviews that talked about having tried over five different devices in the past and loved Shine 2 most. Many reviewers were also on their 2nd or 3rd Shine, a very good sign (that they chose to purchase another instead of a different brand after their first model impressed them).

Features I Have Not Tried

This device can be set up to notify you when someone is calling or texting your cell phone. It can count calories burned and distance walked as well, but I have not tried any of these features yet. Some reviewers indicate that there is still some inaccuracy of counting the movement of the wearer, so if you are a serious athlete looking for a fit tracker that will be mostly your fitness companion, this tracker is probably not for you.

My device also came with a clip attachment, so that I can wear the Shine 2 “disc” elsewhere on my body or my shoes. Since I love wearing modern watches, I have not used the clip yet.

Battery Compartment Opening Tool and Included Clip

On the app, you are also able to connect with other Shine 2 users, but I have yet to really explore this feature either.

Fit Tracker Benefits For Salespeople

To expand on the fit tracking capability of the Shine 2, I appreciate that I can set an activity goal and my Shine 2 will encourage me to reach it and track my progress. I work from home, so I am on the computer 8 hours a day and my fit tracker vibrates to remind me to move around when it believes I’ve been inactive for too long. This reminder is essential to my health so that I can correct my posture, exercise my eyeballs by looking away from the screen at different depths and colors, and get my blood flowing. Whether you are a salesperson on a computer a greater part of the day, or perhaps selling something door to door, the fit tracker is a great device to keep a healthy and balanced professional life.

Price Point

Shine 2 can be found online for as little as 50.00-100.00. Shine 2’s well-known competitor, the Fitbit can sell for as much as $200.00, so I am very impressed with the Shine 2 for its price point. I have talked to a few people in different stores about their experience with “knock-off” fit trackers, and they felt they were wastes of money and ended up having to purchase a more reputable fit tracker after the fact. Shine 2 is a great alternative to the Fitbit.

The Fitbit’s Specs in Comparison

The Fitbit has several models ranging from $60-$299 and prides itself on having a fitness tracker for any level of experience with trackers, but this makes me award the Shine 2 even more. I get decision fatigue easily and comparing a bunch of different models would drive me nuts. For a first fitness tracker, I recommend the Shine 2.

Fitbit does have a lot more sophisticated functionality. If you love a device with a number of features that will keep you learning all year, maybe a Fitbit model is the right brand for you. Where Shine 2 only has one activity goal setting and burned calorie counter, Fitbit can have goals for several different kinds of movement: running, swimming, weight lifting, biking, yoga, and more. It can show you your heart rate and even take you through guided breathing exercises. These features come with a price tag though. The model I’m talking about is $149.

Shine 2 Fitness Tracker For The Win!

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