6 Reasons Sales Positions Are Great Jobs For Empaths

What Is An Empath?

In short, an empath is a person who is more sensitive to the feelings of others than the average person. Often both a gift and a curse, they don’t just empathize with other people, they take on the emotions of others. They can usually read a person’s feelings before others pick up on them, are magnets to people that need to vent, and will often take the feelings of others with them beyond the interaction.

It’s this trait that makes conflict-ridden and high-stress workplaces unbearable for an empath. It is a frequent topic among empath groups and forums; what job best suits them and their gift?

6 Gifts A Sales Position Can Give An Empath…

Empaths Get To Work Independently

Many sales positions are highly independent and manage themselves. An empath can appreciate the freedom from a boss breathing down their neck. The people a sales empath will mostly find themselves around are customers, not even co-workers, so they will have plenty of space, time, and freedom to practice good empath habits like setting boundaries and clearing energy.

Empaths Get The Satisfaction Of Solving The Customer’s Problems

Empaths enjoy meaningful work since they care so deeply about people. Doing something mundane that they don’t believe in is a form of torture. As long as the empath believes in the product or service they are selling, they will take great joy and pride in solving problems for people every day. As an empath, this is the mindset and approach they would naturally take on (as opposed to trying to make a buck). This goes over well with customers, bringing me to my next point.

Customers Better Trust Empaths Because They Are Focused On Serving Others

Customers will be at ease with an empath almost immediately. They might feel as though they are fast friends or have known each other a long time already. The energy of the empath is much warmer, non-intrusive, and giving than a sales-driven salesperson. As long as the empath and his or her colleague’s skills in every other arena are near the same level, the empath should exceed their colleague’s sales goals simply from being better received by customers.

Empaths naturally improve their sales process every time because they replay their interactions and think more about what they said and how the recipient reacted.

This point is self-explanatory. Anxiety often comes with higher emotional intelligent quotient and with anxiety, sufferers put extra weight into their interactions. In sales, this is a good thing for once!

Empaths Have A Better Sense Of Boundaries

When non-empaths in sales approach a meeting, they often come at it with a pumped up to close attitude. They respond to objections as if they are cues to pull tricks out of their sleeves and re-direct the customer on the path to the close rather than having a natural conversation with a caring friend. The last thing an empath wants to do is insult the customer’s intelligence or overstep their boundaries. Their valuable talent is being able to adjust to the customer’s attitudes and concerns. They are willing to walk away from a sale if it’s not right for the customer and the customer can sense the empathic salesperson’s integrity, which is such a rare and pleasantly surprising quality that it alone can make a customer overcome their own objections.

Room For Greater Freedom and Negotiation Options

Sales positions will often have plenty of room for pay and schedule negotiation. Excellent, dedicated, team-playing salespeople will be a valuable asset a company wants to keep. If freedom of schedule is important to you like it is to most empaths, research sales positions with freedom and independence or ask about it during your interview!

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