9 Time Management and Productivity Hacks for Salespeople

How To Approach Your Day With The Right Attitude

1. Work with Purpose

Even having a general ‘Why’ can be a concept that gets lost in the daily grind. Instead, have a ‘Why’ for every day or for every individual pursuit within the business you do. Your ‘Why’ is your intention, your motivation, what you hope to achieve. This concept is the basis between an entire lifestyle movement called The Purpose Driven Life because we know that we succeed when we are fueled by purpose. Setting a daily intention first thing in the morning serves us by keeping us focused and cutting down any distractions that aren’t helping us to achieve our vision.

2. Strive to Enjoy as much as Possible

Burnout is a general productivity killer and not enjoying your work certainly kills sales. We should strive to enjoy as much as our work as possible, and this can be achieved by asking yourself this simple question: What can I do to best enjoy what I’m doing?

The Conference Board says that 53% of Americans reported being currently unhappy in their workplace when asked and many other American and global studies have shown us that the source of employee unhappiness is lack of recognition and appreciation or mistreatment by their employers. It’s important to acknowledge that above training, freedom, being promoted, or even being paid more, employees want to feel good about their work. Moreover, we can take responsibility for much of our happiness and direction as well.

Take Action

Because this exercise works best when you consider your entire life rather than just your work life, plan on thinking about how you spend your time- personally and professionally. Which activities do you enjoy most and which do you enjoy the least? How can you arrange your commitments in a way that you’ll enjoy them much more?

How to Structure your Day

3. Work for 4 Power Hours

When planning the execution of a project, experienced project managers know that only half of an 8-hour shift will be highly productive and they plan accordingly. Our days are often full of little tasks that might not contribute much to dense productivity, tasks such as scrolling the web, checking your email, and going to meetings. Planning to work for four highly productive hours per day is merely the foundation of the next couple of suggestions.

4. Use The “Tomato Technique”

One of life and business hackers’ favorite techniques for productivity is to use a technique properly called The Pomodoro Technique. I renamed it for this article because Pomodoro means ‘Tomato’ in Italian, which was representative of the kitchen timers made in the likeness of a tomato and I didn’t want to forget the backstory of this technique. All credit to Francesco Cirillo for creating it, The Pomodoro Technique breaks down your 4 power hours into 25-minute work sessions (called a ‘Tomato’ with users of the technique) and 5-minute breaks (a series of 4 times= 2 hours) and then a 15-30 minute break. Your four power hours should look like this:

25 minute Tomato

5 minute rest/walk

25 minute Tomato

5 minute rest/walk

25 minute Tomato

5 minute rest/walk

25 minute Tomato

30 minute Break

^ repeat again

End of Day

To read more about The Pomodoro Technique, visit http://www.developgoodhabits.com/pomodoro-technique/

This schedule repeated twice will result in a 5 hour work day, probably perfect for those who work for themselves or have plenty of freedom to dictate their schedule. If you insist on working more hours, you can spend them developing your skill or business in none-roll-up-the-sleeves ways such as listening to a podcast, learning about a new business tool, brainstorming, or meditating with an intention.

5. Make Core Tasks Habitual

Every position has core tasks that are required most of your time or at least daily to make money or keep things running smoothly. These tasks must become habits so that your mind quickly adapts to doing them. Sometimes these activities are the least enjoyable and this is especially why you need to become accustomed to doing them regularly. It helps to schedule your least favorites (sometimes referred to as your “brussel sprouts”) first thing in the morning when you have the most energy. Soon, you’ll become efficient, even good, at your unfavorable task and your habit becomes an enjoyable one.

6. Choose 3 Priorities Per Day

After you’ve completed your core tasks, move onto your 3 most crucial and time-sensitive priorities. It’s likely you’ve had a very productive day after that. You can then do more enjoyable, smaller, or long-term time investment tasks, or take the rest of the day off!

7. Give Yourself Deadlines

When you pre-determine how long you will work on a project, you’re more likely to stay focused during the time frame. Even if you don’t finish, you’ll be more efficient than if you just sat down determined to work until it was finished. Try setting a deadline for half the time you normally would think you’d take to complete them. You’ll be surprised at how much you complete, if not all, of the task!

8. Lose the Distractions

If you find yourself easily distracted, form a new habit of closing out all distractions. Put your phone on silent and out of sight. If you’re on the computer, close all browser tabs and open programs. Immerse yourself in nothing but the task at hand.

9. Evaluate at the End of the Day and Week

Always end your day on a good note. This will help you transition from work to life (promoting work/life balance). Ending your day on a high will also encourage you to do the same the next day. Try evaluating how your day went. Write down what didn’t go as well as you expected, what didn’t work, and possibly, a solution to make it better. This process will ensure you become even more efficient at your job every day. Then write down what did go well.


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